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What can Indians in the UAE do about their Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes

The demonetisation of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 was a surprise to everyone in India. It didn’t just affect the Indians, it also affected the Resident Indians and expatriates in the UAE. Many non-resident Indians rushed to the closest currency exchange houses to get their Indian currencies exchanged. But, not many exchange houses accepted the currency. Most… Read More »

Financial Lessons From Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go seems to be catching up these days. If only handling your finances were as easy as collecting Pokemon, training them and going for a battle. Well, it could be, wondering how? Read on. Collecting Pokemon / Earning income The financial equivalent of collecting Pokemon is just making sure a lot of money is… Read More »

UAE Budget 2016: Shaping The Economy in Times of Oil Price Crisis

We just finished a quarter of the fiscal year in the UAE. This is a good time to review our progress and outlook for the rest of the year. However, first let’s jog our memory and see what we remember about the UAE Budget 2016. UAE Budget 2016 Highlights The UAE Budget 2016, which was… Read More »

How Competitive is the UAE Banking Sector?

The UAE has a competitive retail banking sector owing to several reasons including, but not limited to, a  large expatriate  population. UAE boasts of around 57 banks (23 are local while 34 are foreign banks) and around 4,878 ATMs for the benefit of customers. Also, UAE has around 140 foreign exchange firms and 25 investment… Read More »

Islamic Economy – Ways to Thrive in the UAE

Probably the most lucrative aspect of the UAE for professionals or businessmen is the tax free economy. Add to that splending infrastructure, possibilities of a lavish lifestyle and bulk savings, it almost seems like a glittery dream for many. How UAE Economy actually Earns A collection of seven different emirates, the UAE certainly doesn’t have… Read More »

Growth Of Loan Sector In The UAE

The banking sector in the UAE boasts of around 57 banks of which, 23 are local banks while 34 are foreign banks. UAE has eight Islamic banks. The region has  929 bank branches with around 4,878 ATMs for the benefit of customers. UAE has 26 finance companies (24 Islamic finance), 140 foreign exchange firms and… Read More »

Factors affecting Retail Banking Sector in the UAE

The UAE has a vibrant retail banking sector owing to several reasons such as a large expatriate  population. All commercial banks in the UAE are subject to the rules and regulations of the central bank. There is a view that UAE banks have over the years laid more emphasis on corporate customers since the segment… Read More »