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Choosing the right Car Insurance in the UAE

Buying a car is one of the biggest investments a person makes. Therefore it is imperative that the person invests in a car insurance policy as you get financial protection as well as peace of mind. When you are buying a car insurance in the UAE, you need to be aware of the fundamental aspects… Read More »

Things to look for while shopping for Health Insurance

Health insurance is a must have for every individual living in the UAE. The cost of health care in the UAE is high and therefore it is important for an individual to have a health insurance to cover for them. You must look for insurance that gives you real value for money one which provides… Read More »

10 Features of your Credit Card you probably are not using

For some, a credit card can be soul mate since it is the one stop solution to a shortage of funds. If you sit and look at a credit cards features, the ones that strike you first are the obvious one like credit limits and reward programs but there is more to a credit card… Read More »

What to look for in your Health Insurance?

There are many health insurance offered by various providers in UAE. It is important for you to choose the right one for you and your family. Consider the following while taking a health insurance: Hospitals Covered: Based on the type of insurance you have chosen, the provider has different list of hospitals and clinics that… Read More »

Content Insurance in UAE – A Comprehensive Guide!

Today’s world is full of uncertainty and as a result the financial world is teeming with tons of various insurance products. The most commonly known of these are health insurance, life insurance and accident insurance schemes, however, what happens if everything including you and your house remains intact but your belongings get lifted? What if… Read More »

Holidaying without Breaking the Bank!

Who doesn’t like vacations? Taking off from the mundane everyday life and enjoying the finer things in life. Vacations are important because it helps you rejuvenate yourself and bounce back as a happier soul. Be it a short weekend break or a long vacation, vacations are imperative. But vacations come with their own price tag.… Read More »

Insurance for your Smartphone

With cellular and smartphone technology advancing in leaps and bounds, prices for smartphones are as high as they’ve ever been and if you want to stay ahead of the curve – you’ll have to shell out a pretty penny. This brings with it the risk of carrying around something worth around AED2,000 at all times,… Read More »

Health is Wealth; But Is the Converse True?

As per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and through common experience, we all know that in a general sense of speaking, after basic sustenance requirements are met, security follows. You’ve landed a secure job, your personal safety is assured within a society that has a rotating shift of guards. Your employer and the government take care… Read More »

Are You Covered for the Car Breakdown?

You driving around on a highway and you run out of fuel or your car breaks down. What do you do? Call for a service to either pick up your car which might take a lot of time and also will cost you. But do you know when you take a car insurance in UAE,… Read More »

Travel Safe!

Do you have a very strong irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world? Though many may think that taking a travel insurance is for those who worry too much. But, what if you are on a vacation and you suffer a heart attack? And you will have to be airlifted to the nearest hospital,… Read More »