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Financial Lessons From Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go seems to be catching up these days. If only handling your finances were as easy as collecting Pokemon, training them and going for a battle. Well, it could be, wondering how? Read on. Collecting Pokemon / Earning income The financial equivalent of collecting Pokemon is just making sure a lot of money is… Read More »

This Mother’s Day Gift Your Mom the Best!

This is the time of the year you celebrate the most valued person in your life. Yes, it’s Mother’s Day! So, how are you planning to celebrate this auspicious occasion and express your gratitude to your mom for all her support, love and caring?   Actually, you can make the day special and create a… Read More »

5 UAE Destinations That Have To Be On Your Holiday List

Summer is here, and soon it will be vacation time. Why not explore some awesome but lesser known places in the UAE to chill out? From waterparks to desert safaris and oases to long drives, the UAE has a little bit for every kind of vacationer. 1. Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain Jebel Hafeet is a… Read More »

Why the UAE Economic Slowdown Can Hurt Your Chances of Getting a Loan

It sure seems like this year is going to be tough for our oil-dependent economy, what with the crude oil prices constantly going down – lower by around 70% in the last 2 years! While the government tries to work out a plan to increase non-oil revenues (did you know that over 60% of the… Read More »

UAE Budget 2016: Shaping The Economy in Times of Oil Price Crisis

We just finished a quarter of the fiscal year in the UAE. This is a good time to review our progress and outlook for the rest of the year. However, first let’s jog our memory and see what we remember about the UAE Budget 2016. UAE Budget 2016 Highlights The UAE Budget 2016, which was… Read More »

Banking and Healthcare for an Expat in UAE! What you need to know!

Life as an Expat in UAE A lot of people are moving to UAE in the hope of making money. UAE is a place of endless opportunities and rich experiences waiting to be explored. There is no dearth for work opportunities in this oil abundant country and that is the reason for all the expats… Read More »

Who Are Liable To Pay Taxes in UAE?

Life in the UAE feels great as there are no taxes on the personal income of the individuals. However, the foreign workers in the UAE might have to pay taxes for cash remittances. According to the news, Obaid Humaid Al Tayer has clearly mentioned that even though there is fall the prices of crude oil,… Read More »

Islamic Banking – Socio Economic Balancer

Islamic Banking, to the uninitiated might sound like a draconian term, a move towards the past rather than a step towards the future. This is, perhaps the biggest misconception one could hold about Islamic Banking, for Islamic Banking is the portal between the traditional and modern world. Financial institutions across the globe are in a… Read More »

Holidaying without Breaking the Bank!

Who doesn’t like vacations? Taking off from the mundane everyday life and enjoying the finer things in life. Vacations are important because it helps you rejuvenate yourself and bounce back as a happier soul. Be it a short weekend break or a long vacation, vacations are imperative. But vacations come with their own price tag.… Read More »

Get Set… Don’t Go! Use Mobile Banking.

On the move and missed the deadline for your credit card bill payment? Losing sleep over converging timelines of an important meeting and an urgent fund transfer at the bank? Relax, banking mobile apps are here to take convenience banking to the next level. With a flood of banking mobile apps in the UAE financial… Read More »