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10 Tips For First Time Mortgagers in UAE

As of August 2016, the oil prices have fallen around the globe leaving the UAE government to pull-back on the country’s real estate investments. But this also means that the prices for people to buy homes and apartments have grown, considering the lowering of real estate prices in the 7 emirates, as well. This means… Read More »

A Vanilla Condominium or A Custom Villa

What with the tax free economy, splendid nightlife, variety of entertainment and an overall pleasant weather, settling down in the UAE seems a pretty good option for many people. Once that thought crosses your mind, getting a house to call home is the first logical prerequisite. But then, there’s the question, or rather the inclination… Read More »

Real Estate As An Investment Tool In The UAE

One news that has been making headlines for quite some time now is that of soaring real estate prices. People spend their lives accumulating funds to be able to buy property in their name. However, for those who want to take a double-fold benefit out of real estate deals, property can very well act as… Read More »

Check the Cost of Your Home Loan in UAE

Are you taking a home loan in UAE? If yes, then you must be prepared for the costs associated with taking a home loan. The fees associated with a home purchase includes closing costs, loan discount points and prepaid items. The closing cost varies by location and is generally 2%-3% of the loan amount. The… Read More »