Things to look for while shopping for Health Insurance

By bbaeuser | October 4, 2016

Health insurance is a must have for every individual living in the UAE. The cost of health care in the UAE is high and therefore it is important for an individual to have a health insurance to cover for them. You must look for insurance that gives you real value for money one which provides appropriate coverage.

Health Insurance in UAE

The following are a few aspects that one must look into while taking a health insurance:

  • Coverage: You must check if you are getting coverage in the area you are residing or in the entire UAE. This is vital as you may have to consult a doctor in another emirate and if you aren’t covered, you will end up spending a lot on the consultation and treatment. A good health insurance package will cover for you in your home country as well as in the country of employment. If you are an expat, check if the health insurance you have covers you at the country of employment.
  • Premium: If you are getting a wider coverage, your premiums will spike up. If you are taking a health insurance that isn’t charging a lot of premium, you are getting lower coverage. Married women will have a higher premiums as the maternity cost is covered. Check if the annual premium set is affordable and only then choose the plan.
  • Type of coverage: Those getting an Essential Basic Package, an annual limit is set. But, if you want more coverage and want a good annual limit, shop around and look for insurance that is offered at a reasonable premium.
  • Pre-existing conditions: If you have any pre-existing condition, ensure that it is being covered under the insurance. Those who already have a health insurance and are just changing to another health insurance plan, you will be immediately covered. If you are getting a health insurance for the first time, the pre-existing conditions will be covered only after 6 months.
  • Hospital coverage: When you are getting a health insurance, check if they are covering the hospital that you regularly visit and the hospital close to your workplace and home. If the hospital that you are most comfortable with is not covered under the package, you will not be covered for the treatments you undergo there.
  • Co-Payment: Insurers usually choose to co-pay for the treatments. You must be aware of the percentage of the bill you have to pay for the consultations, treatments, tests, etc.
  • Deductibles: It is important to check for the deductible that are applicable for cash payment.
  • Exclusions: It is important that you read through the exclusions of the health insurance plan before you take the plan as you will not be in for a surprise when your claim on something gets rejected as it is excluded under the plan.

Before you take a health insurance package, shop around and compare the plans. Check how the claims are settled and how many network hospitals they have.

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